24/7 Automated Student Engagement and Support.

Student Engagement

Transform and enhance your Student Engagement Experience with our engaging Interface and integrated conversational AI bot.

It’s time to take your student engagement to the next level. Do you struggle to ensure communications are received by your students such as:

  • Induction of students to the Uni and Uni life in general
  • Sharing of information on lecture timetables, term dates and exam info
  • Keeping them up to date with social events
  • Student support in general
  • Careers support
  • Problems and issues with student accommodation on campus
Image of Beebot AI University Student Support Multi-Device User Interface
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The Beebot Interface and Bot

Want to automate your Student Support with an engaging Interface and bot in your brand?

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A World of Benefits

This platform is a perfect vehicle for you to offer a holistic portal with a single point of access for students whilst developing relationships through our personalised real-time 24/7 conversational bot and live agent feature – enhancing student engagement.

Reduce Costs

Automate student support queries across a multitude of areas

Digitise student engagement by providing instant care and support while reducing costs

Increase staff efficiency and productivity

Reduce stress on the Student Admin team

Support student, mental and family health

Enhance Student Engagement & Experience

Real time Q & A 24/7

Multi-device and mobile app experience

Improve lecture attendance

Improve student event attendance

Improve student satisfaction

A multitude of use cases to reduce costs, admin, reach and engage with students better