The Beebot AI Platform

Transform your business at speed


First of its kind game
changing bot interface

Beebot Engage

Supercharge your Sales and Marketing with amazing automation to drive more leads and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Beebot Support

Boost customer and employee satisfaction, while reducing costs, with a best-in-class, 24/7 digital agent.

Beebot Pay

Significantly increase productivity and improve cash-flow with end-to-end automation of Accounts Receivable.

Beebot Modules

Bot Creator

Create Bots from our range of templates in seconds and brand them to your organisation.

  • Name and create personas for your Bots
  • Connect your DNS and email with Beebot to enable use of your company url and email
  • Brand and theme your conversational interface and communication templates


Connect your finance systems to enable real time customer notifications and analytics.

  • Utilise our open API to connect data from your Accounting software to Beebot AI.
  • Integrate your current payment systems into an automated workflow to enable customers to pay with ease.
  • Enable automatic statements and letters to customers.


Automate processes and create bespoke rules to fit your needs.

  • Connect every stage of your Accounts Receivable process into one end to end workflow.
  • Define and select bespoke automation rules by customer to increase AR process efficiency and improve customer experience.


Visualise your processes and use bot activity metrics to optimise your performance.

  • Bot usage analytics
  • Bot workflow analytics
  • Bot optimisation analytics

Campaign Manager

Create customer campaigns to execute your automation workflow.

  • Create campaign hand offs that notify internal stakeholders of workflow progression
  • Library of templates for multiple communication channels
  • Part payment plan creation
  • Full audit trail
  • Create exclusion rules

Campaign Messenger

Multi-channel messaging tool. (Email, SMS, Social and Whatsapp)

  • Create a communications library of templates and messages
  • Use multiple format (image, text and video)
  • Add your company footer

Live Agent

Make it easy for people to connect with human agents whenever it's necessary.

  • Connect customers with a real agent during your a conversation
  • Distribute live queries from customers to administration staff

Bot Manager

Easily change and manage all your bots functionality in one place.

  • View all your Bots configuration and end-to-end functionality
  • Review analytical insights to quickly enhance your Bot configuration

Smart Answers

Integrate your knowledge base and website content and use conversation real-time chat to answer customer and employee queries on demand.

  • Connect our Smart Answers AI to your online knowledgebase allowing your customers to get instant answers
  • Upload your FAQ’s to Smart Answers and push these through the Beebot interface
  • Drive customer engagement using a library of pre-configured conversational dialogue which humanises the Bot experience.
  • Save time on building complex conversational workflow by letting Smart Answers AI find the right answers to your customers/employees questions.
  • Gain insight into what content you should prioritise to better support your customers/employees.

Surveys and Polls

Create simple but effective surveys and polls using real-time chat to get instant feedback from customers or employees.

  • Create conditional logic to provide pathways through your surveys
  • Flexible qualitative & quantitative question types such as single select / scale (0-10 / agree-disagree / free text input)
  • Add validation to users answers
  • Create dynamic follow on actions in the conversation flow. For example users that answered “A” to a question can see targeted content or engage in targeted dialogues in the bot
  • Create dynamic workflows based on answers, for example if user answers “A” send an e-mail to a sales or service representative

Mobile App

A mobile app which can be launched from the home screen of your mobile.

  • One code base
  • Quick and easy to install
  • A consistent user experience across any device
  • Enables push notifications like a native app
  • All the benefits of a native app but with low overhead

Beebot Interface

Unique Bot Interface that’s available 24/7 with an integrated chatbot.

  • Customisable in your brand with your logo
  • Real-time notification feature to alert customers with information and offers
  • Integrated conversational AI chatbot which can sign up and onboard customers and answer prospects and customers questions on-demand
  • Quick access to web content and other actions
  • Embed useful media like video and PDF
  • Access shortcuts to social media and third party links
  • Embed videos and virtual tours within the interface
Accounts Receivable software with Accounts Receivable Automation gives you valuable insights into Business Debt Recovery, reducing reliance on a debt recovery agency and debt recovery services.

Your Beebot AI dashboard puts management reports and actionable insights at your fingertips, proactively suggesting ways you can refine and optimise business processes and employee and customer experiences.

Automated intelligence with continual learning

The more you use the Beebot AI platform, the more value it delivers. Not only do your Bots’ customer chats become more intuitive, but you also get more and more data, such as conversation scoring and advanced insights. Put simply, you get trustworthy data that can help to guide your management strategy.

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