Automate your Resident Support, reduce costs and improve your Resident experience

Resident Support

Transform and enhance your Resident Support Experience.

Struggling to keep up with increasing resident requests and demands? Support costs rising and management of this becoming challenging?

Post pandemic, residents expectations around instancy and the quality of support is higher than it’s ever been. The rising costs of living and challenges for families and the community as a whole puts extra pressure on Councils. Beebot Resident Support is a digital support offering that will transform your Council support experience for residents and your internal operations.

The Beebot Interface and Bot

Want to automate your Resident Support with an engaging Interface and bot in your brand?  Try our free proof of concept.

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    A world of benefits..

    Reduce costs

    • Transform your Council operations
    • Automate resident support queries
    • Reduce support costs
    • Increase staff productivity
    • Automate transactions like Council tax payments
    • Automate form completions

    Enhance the experience

    • Enables Councils to integrate all other services and content into one simple user experience
    • Real-time Q & A 24/7
    • Improve the Tier 3 support experience
    • Multi-device and mobile app experience
    • Improve CX and CSAT

    A multitude of use cases to reduce costs and improve the resident experience