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Your Digital Customer Experience Assistant

Customers expect better experiences.

Beebot Digital Customer Support is a next-generation self-serve support experience for your customers, it’s 24/7 and works across any device.


of businesses said using automated chat increased, loyalty, sales and revenue.

Digital Genius


of customer service teams report an increased customer preference for interacting over digital channels.



of chatbots are projected to save 2.5 billion hours for businesses and consumers from chatbots by 2023.

Juniper Research


of a brand’s customer support costs can be saved by using automated AI chatbots


A shift to RPA and conversational AI is a hallmark of growing companies

With Beebot Customer Support, you can seize the initiative quickly:

Cloud deployment, swift set-up and managed service

Affordable for all businesses – with a rapid ROI

Continual learning AI and strategic business debt recovery insights.

Screenshot of Beebot AI digital customer experience

Works on any device 24/7.

Real-time customer support.

Beebot Customer Support was made for the next generation, it’s 24/7 and works across any device, providing a seamless digital customer experience.

With AI and advanced analytics, Beebot Customer Support personalises conversations to the interests of every customer, ensuring a positive digital customer experience. So you can resolve issues and keep customers happy, delivering against your brand promise, while gathering valuable data to continually optimise your business for a better digital customer experience. Our tech uses insights to help you deliver better experiences, and drive better ROI while reducing costs.

  • Real-time chat across multiple devices, providing customer help

  • Supports Customer campaigns and automates surveys

We Can Help Your Business

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    The Next Generation of Digital Customer Experience.

    Providing support 24/7.

    In a time-poor world, customers expect support to be available 24/7, across all digital and social channels, to meet their requirements at the point of need.

    The Beebot AI Interface is a unique digital customer support experience created in your brand where you can house multi-media content,  quick links and actions with an integrated conversational AI bot so customers can self-serve their own support. The platform can bring together content and functions for other software systems and other websites, enabling your customers to gain help and support all in one place.

    • Real-time customer service conversational AI bot, providing answers across multiple devices
    • Acts as self-service hub for resolving common support requests 24/7
    • Supports customer campaigns and automates surveys
    Image showing multiple device that have Beebot Customer Support (Engage Gym) on their screens

    A World of Benefits

    Enhance Customer Experience

    • Real-time Q & A 24/7
    • Improve the tier 3 digital customer support experience
    • Multi-device and mobile app experience
    • Improve CX and CSAT

    Reduce Support Costs

    • Deflect customer support tickets
    • Reduce customer support costs
    • Increase staff productivity
    • Automation of tier 1 and 2 support

    A multitude of use cases to reduce costs and wow your customers

    Welcome to Beebot Customer Support

    Beebot Support has 12 modules, curated to streamline and transform experiences for customers and employees.

    bot creator

    Bot Creator







    campaign manager

    Campaign Manager

    campaign messenger

    Campaign Messenger

    live agent

    Live Agent

    bot manager

    Bot Manager

    smart answers

    Smart Answers


    Surveys and Polls

    mobile app

    Mobile App

    user interface

    Beebot Interface

    Beebot Conversational AI technology

    Looking to enhance your customer support and provide a seamless digital customer experience?

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