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Beebot Pay answers the debt recovery challenge

Increase in UK business debt of


in 12 months (FT)


increase in late payments since the pandemic



is lost every year through bad debt chasing (UK News Group)


of workers say the biggest of automation is in reducing wasted time on repetitive work (Smartsheet)


YoY growth in businesses planning to use automation for Accounts Receivable. (IDC)

With Beebot Pay, you can automate debt recovery


Increase cash-flow into your business
Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)

Become a more effective organisation
Free up your Accounts Receivable and credit control team from repetitive tasks

Improve the customer experience
Enhance your brand using omni-channel engagement for debt recovery services
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A shift to RPA and conversational AI is a hallmark of growing companies

With Beebot Pay, you can seize the initiative quickly:

Cloud deployment, swift set-up and managed service
Affordable for all businesses - with a rapid ROI
Continual learning AI and strategic business debt recovery insights.

Beebot pay integrates with key Accounts Receivable and Payment software:

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Beebot Pay consists of 10 modules, curated to streamline and transform Accounts Receivable processes

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