Genius. UKG support platform


Powered by Beebot AI and HCMPact

A game changing intelligent automation technology platform that extends the power of UKG/ Ultipro

A next generation self-serve support for employees, HR teams and executives

With Genius. you can resolve common HR inefficiencies and enhance employee productivity quickly

Are your HR admin teams overwhelmed with support requests?

Do your employees struggle to self-serve their own HR transactions?

Do you struggle to extract reports from UKG and other HR systems?

What is Genius?

Providing enhanced self support 24/7.

Powered by AI technology the Genius. interface can help you and your team to drive self service, reduce the amount of support tickets needed, push data downstream and provide minimal keystrokes through an easy-to-use platform, tailored to the needs of your business. Making it easier for you and your team to navigate your current HR systems without having to switch it.

  • Real-time employee service automation, providing 24/7 access across multiple devices

  • Acts as self-service hub for resolving common support queries on UKG and other HR management systems

  • Pushing data downstream from UKG to your existing systems for fast, easy reporting

  • Instant surfacing of analytics & reports via text/voice querying
UKG platform images

What does the Genius. platform do?

  • ‘Do it for me’– A unique feature which enables an AI bot to make changes within UKG/ Ultipro upon request of the user. 
  • Employee interface & Smart Nav – Navigate users to process pages and reduce the time spent finding information on UKG.
  • Guided Support – Guided learning on key process steps and quick tips on the best and most efficient ways of doing things within UKG/ Ultipro.
  • Links to all systems – As well as linking to UKG/ Ultipro your platform can provide a single point of access on any device through to any software
    systems you currently use for example HubSpot, Sales Force, Workday, Microsoft, Zendesk etc
  • Smart Answers – Allows robots to read documentation and provide instant answers to queries.

What are the benefits of using Genius. to support your UKG/ Ultipro system?

UKG self serve platform

What can I use Genius. for?

Our intelligent automation platform provides your business and employees with endless possibilities on the capabilities it can deliver and the help it can offer for your UKG/ Ultipro system. Its primary aim is to increase employee productivity, reduce IT & support costs and decrease process completion time. Standard operating tasks the platform can operate include:

Systemless UKG transactions

System less transactions – Make changes within UKG without needing to visit the system using our ‘do it for me’ function.

UKG downstream data

Downstream data – Push data downstream from UKG to other systems to help with various processes such as on-boarding.

simplified UKG reports

Simplified reports – Generate simplified reports from UK using AI which enables you to make informed decisions.

UKG FAQ and policy

FAQ & Policy – The platform can help employees get answers quickly and efficiently 24/7 taking the strain off general HR inquiries.

UKG HR admin tasks

HR admin tasks – Save time with our solution by allowing it to make changes to documents, generate contracts and perform general HR admin tasks

UKG system support

System support – Provide a guide to employees on ‘how to do…’ as well as performing tasks on their behalf, available on a side-by-side basis with UKG and the platform

Navigation of UKG information

Navigation of information – Navigate ALL software systems within the company through one easy to use simple platform.

How can I measure ROI on the Genius. platform?

Our platform includes an analytics desktop available to help you manage and measure the usage across your organization. Measurements available (but not limited to) include amount of users, clicks, location of users and platform used to access.

Beebot ROI measurement showing who uses the employee engagement platform
Employee Support user interface

Why choose Genius. to enhance your UKG/ Ultipro platform?

Driving self service on UKG.

Our intelligent automated platform provides HR teams with a next-generation employee experience across UKG. Providing on-demand personalized digital assistance to each employee and saving HR teams valuable time, increasing productivity and improving employee satisfaction. Our platform enables your employees to focus on the work that matters and allows them to navigate around UKG with speed and ease.

We Can Help Your Business

Send us your email address, and we’ll be in touch with more information.

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