Automate support for families by offering a digital content platform

Enhance the parent experience and transform your Family Hubs offering.

Family Hubs Digital Platform

Intelligent Family Support

Beebot’s Family Hubs solution delivers a best-in-class digital Family Hubs experience, accessible to the entire community, with a single point of access, from any device.

For any councils involved in the Family Hubs and start for life programme, it consolidates all national, local content and services, existing websites and apps into one application. 

Helping families self-serve their own support 24/7 365​.

Beebot AI are an Crown Commercial approved service provider within the AI framework.

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Public Sector Solutions

Family Hubs


Connecting families to all Family Hubs services via a user friendly platform.

SEND Local Offer


Providing clear and accurate access to all of your SEND resources and services.

Family Information Services (FIS)


Enabling families to interactively access family support, childcare, education and activities.



An accessible platform enabling access to your special educational needs and disability information advice and support service

Supported Living


Design and tailored to make it quick and easy for your young people to access housing requirements and information.

Start For Life


An accessible platform allowing parents and carers from all walks of life to access your information and support on navigating the wonderful world of parenthood.

Website and Mobile Application All-In-One

Empower families with the convenience of accessing our platform seamlessly on devices ranging from phones and laptops to tablets, available across various platforms like Android, Google, and iOS. Elevate their engagement and support journey with our comprehensive website and feature-rich mobile application, offering round-the-clock, on-demand assistance for families in your community.

  • Dedicated website and mobile app –  in your council brand with simplistic updates and changes across both.
  • Digital directory of content – our solution comes pre-configured with 100’s of pieces of national content, and has the ability to link to your existing framework of local content, using our dynamic content management system. 
  • Multi-media – our solution enables PDF and Video content to improve the parent experience​.
  • One point of access – you can integrate existing information from websites, apps and partner sites, to drive one parent experience​.
Screenshot of Beebot AI's interface for Family Hubs breastfeeding support.
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  • Self serve support – families can self-serve support 24/7 using an engaging interface.
  • Push notifications – parents will receive in-app notifications to drive awareness and engagement with Family Hubs content and services.
  • Build and improve –  add future functionality and improve your app as your Family Hubs offer evolves.
  • Intuitive and engaging – our Family Hubs interface is custom built to structure your content in the most efficient and engaging way for your Council, such as by category and age.

Family Hubs Features


Connect to a Professional


Our live agent feature allows families to connect to professionals for instant and reliable support.

Track and Report


Measure family and parent demand, get real-time feedback and report on your statutory requirements easily.



Automated parent onboarding to drive the best experience from day one.



Access to digital information on-demand 24/7 and register for services.

Built-In Survey Tool


Survey family needs by demographic and use data to optimise the solution.

Conversational AI


Speedy and personalised multi-device real-time chat support.



Automate campaigns by subject to enable contextual and personalised support.

Push Notifications


 Alert families with timely content and services.

Automated Care


Families can sign up for automated ongoing care through a programme of content and advice.

Event Calendar


Automated calendar of events, activities and booking information for families. 

Any device, anywhere


Works across any device 24/7 365 (website, mobile, Whatsapp, SMS).

NHS Content


 Built-in library of NHS content with integrated tools like find a service e.g. GP, dentist and search for a condition.

A World of Benefits

Screenshot of Beebot AI's Multidevice Family Hubs Support app and interface.

Reduce Costs

Automate family support queries across a multitude of areas

Reduce council call centre costs through families self-serving support

Increase staff efficiency and productivity

Automate transactions like forms and applications

Integrate with third party online services to reduce pressure on the wider Family Hubs network.

Enhance the Experience

Consolidate existing websites and apps whilst adding an experience layer

Providing an enhanced support experience to families. With support across  childcare, parenting, mental and family health.

Real-time 24/7 Q & A and live agent hand off feature for families.

Multi-device experience without the need to rebuild systems

Significantly improve family satisfaction

Family Hubs Content and Services


Many councils have historically disseminated content and services across many areas, making it a challenge for them to provide one point of access. With content and services spread across numerous websites and apps that can be hard for families to find, with no real-time support to help them navigate.

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Illustration of Family Hubs Support Ecosystem

Innovation and Digitisation is a Must.

Beebot’s Family Hubs solution introduces a cohesive ecosystem  that streamlines councils’ fragmented content and services, into a structured ecosystem by category and age.  With pre-populated national content like NHS video’s and an API capability to integrate third party content.  With the key drivers being:

  • Consolidate all parent experiences into one place​
  • Signpost parents to relevant content and advice
  • Provide families with the ability to self-service their own support 24/7 365​

Automated Care Pathways


Automated on-going care

Our solution has a feature that allows families to sign up for automated ongoing care through a programme of content and advice for a specific interest or need.

This can be self initiated, or a professional such as a midwife can sign someone up.

We work with you to create a timeline of content, to be sent out at certain interval in a child’s development journey from 0-19 years such as:

  • Midwifery appointments during pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding support 
  • Health visitor appointments 
  • Learning and development pre-school
  • Child development key milestones
Screenshot of Family Hubs User Interface for Speech and Language Support

Family Hubs Use Cases

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