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Beebot AI’s Intelligent Automation Platform combines various technologies such as engaging interfaces, Conversational AI and RPA, all combined with AI-driven analytics to enable businesses to reduce costs, drive scalability and enhance user experiences.

Transform your business with automation.

A Suite of Solutions to Help Automate and Transform Your Business.

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Beebot Engage


Customer Support

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Employee Support

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Family Hubs Support

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Resident Support

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Student Engagement

Amazing Beebot AI Benefits

24/7 Content
Decrease process completion time with on-demand content available 24/7.
Drive Conversion
Drive higher sales conversion with on-demand targeted messaging and real time sales support.
Mobile App
Mobile app experience with a unique interface and integrated chatbot.

Support Experience
Enhanced sales support experience through a conversational Q & A.
Promote Products
Promote new products and services in an engaging way.
Multi Device
Fast and personalised multi-device real-time support.
Sports Tours International

Beebot AI Solutions

Administrator Analytics

In-depth Advanced Analytics put you in control of your insights.

Your Beebot AI dashboard puts management reports and actionable insights at your fingertips, proactively suggesting ways you can refine and optimise business processes and employee and customer experiences.

The more you use the Beebot AI automated intelligence platform, the more value it delivers. Not only do your Bots’ customer chats become more intuitive, but you also get more and more data, such as conversation scoring and advanced insights.

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Usage Analytics

Beebot Ai Icon

Workflow Analytics

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Optimisation Analytics

Beebot AI Analytics

Mobile App Experience

Beebot AI Mobile App.

Beebot AI is a mobile app which means you can create an app icon in your brand which can be launched from the home screen of any mobile. It’s feature rich and provides an engaging communication experience 24/7. It acts as a digital assistant for your customers:

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One code base

Beebot Icon

Quick and easy to install

Beebot Icon

A consistent user experience across any device

Beebot Icon

Enables push notifications


Want to Experience The Benefits of Beebot AI?

Proof of Concept

Transform your business using Beebot AI.

We are so sure you will love our tech that we let you try it out first before purchasing. Our automated intelligence platform is highly configurable and each technology can be tailored to suit your needs. Test our custom-built digital assistant.


Great Brands Talk About Beebot AI

Brands Talking About Beebot

Founder and CEO of Educate North, Multi-Award Winning Broadcaster

The Beebot Event Bot really transformed Educate North 2022. After 2 years since a live event, we wanted the event to be as innovative as it could be. Beebot's contribution to making it different was just terrific. The way the bot was used on the night was excellent and shows the enormous potential of their offering.


Brands Talking About Beebot

Bill Bartley, Managing Director, Fusion Occupational Health

We found the experience of engaging with the Beebot team excellent, they had great insight, the team were very knowledgeable and they have a fantastic proposition. We had a really interesting and valuable in-depth session around their innovative automated intelligence platform and how it's capabilities could improve our bottom-line. The questions were excellent and aligned to our business requirements.


Brands Talking About Beebot

Stephen Robinson, Founder - It’s Mental - Lead Mental Wellbeing Coach

Beebot AI are very professional and meticulous at understanding what a company needs and its objectives. Beebot AI were keen to create a solution that works perfectly for our business and our strategic objectives.


Market Insights

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