Automate support for families and offer a digital content platform 

Family Hub Digital Platform

The Next Generation of Family Support

Beebot Family Hub Support is a digital platform custom-made to deliver a digital Family Hub experience and content hub accessible to the entire community.

We use a methodology called CASE (Consolidate, Assist, Signpost, Engage) where our platform will consolidate existing information, support services and websites and applications into one single mobile application.  It will digitise support, assisting and signposting families to content and services using an engaging interface.  

It has unique features such as Family Hub campaigns, an automated calendar of information for families, personalised information based on interests and fast multi-device real-time chat support. It also has analytics that can track take-up of services and feedback from parents and carers.

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    A world of benefits..

    This platform is a perfect vehicle for you to offer a holistic portal with a single point of access for local families whilst developing relationships with families through our personalised real-time 24/7 conversational bot and live agent feature.

    Reduce costs

    • Automate family support queries across areas like childcare and parenting, mental and family health and youth support
    • Digitise family support by providing instant care and support while reducing costs
    • Increase staff productivity
    • Automate transactions like forms and applications

    Enhance the experience

    • Consolidate apps and services whilst adding an experience layer
    • Providing better support to parents and carers
    • Real-time Q & A 24/7
    • Multi-device and mobile app experience without the need to rebuild systems
    • Significantly improve CSAT

    A multitude of use cases to reduce costs and wow your residents