About Beebot AI

Enhancing human experiences with intuitive technology & services

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help more UK businesses transform their operations through automation.

Founded by tech gurus and customer experience experts, Beebot AI is backed by IT Capital.

Our team has a deep understanding of customer engagement with extensive experience implementing software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology.

We have the passion and expertise to help businesses gain the benefits of automation through robotic process automation (RPA) and conversational AI. We're able to enhance human experiences with advanced yet easy-to-use technology and services.

Since the pandemic, automation has grown by 63.1% and its trajectory is steep.

We operate in a marketplace that's growing fast in new and exciting ways — and our development roadmap includes end-to-end platforms for businesses of all sizes across verticals.

The Bots we create can be used at scale to automate routine processes and enhance customer experiences, so you can accelerate outcomes and focus more on your core business.

Our tech is available as a managed service via cloud deployment and a swift set-up. You get a rapid ROI and ongoing benefits, thanks to continual learning AI.

Our Approach: What Makes us Different?

Our Bot automation platform enables organisations to deliver exceptional customer experiences anywhere

Our proven development methodology accelerates time-to-value for our customers

We leverage our enterprise software know-how to support multiple applications and use cases

Our platform is scalable and secure, built on a SaaS model for easy configuration and management

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